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Over 13 years as experience, we are specialized in advanced web solutions including web design, web development, mobile development and software development. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals whether it is generating more leads, increasing sales or just painting a better look and feel of their company. Being a web design company we have decades of experience in website design, web application development and software customization that enables us to understand and please our clients. Clients earn more business and improve their internal processes with our superior quality and cost effective web design and development services.

Most of our customers are in the UE, but we do serve clients around the world. The benefits are reasonable cost, flexibility, high quality web designing and graphic design in a shorter time-frame. You will have peace of mind that you are dealing with a web design company that understands your requirements and goals. We assist our clients in all phases of their project.

Together we help you to create a Professional Website/E-commerce or Mobile App.

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All Custom designs - No templates ever   Every site is unique, like you!   Easy to self-maintain 

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High Solutions Web

We provide a wide array of Web Design and Development services. We don’t just design and develop websites, but we take them to the next level and turn them into powerful business channels.

Our web design services will get you the results that you always wanted.
Our websites are clean, clear and customized to your needs!

We use:

  •   PHP
  •   ASP
  •   PHYTON
  •   JAVA/C++
  •   Javascript / JQUERY
  •   Bootstrap
  •   MySQL/SQL Server
  •   Wordpress
  •   Opencart
  •   Prestashop
  •   Drupal


High Solutions Web

We are specialized in advanced web solutions including web design, web development, mobile development and software development.

Yes, we can create anything you want, in style, complexity, design and layout including colors, images and more! We will consult with you to determine your vision and offer recommendations on how to fulfill your ideas. You may even want to tell us what other websites (of any kind) that you like for the aesthetics, or its layout or functionality. We take all these things into consideration and offer you up to 3 different designs (although we often get it right the first time after we’ve learned about your taste and preferences).

When we’ve agreed on the project and your contracts are signed by you and us, we commence the construction phase with 50% deposit.

Yes, we want you to be involved throughout the construction phase to ensure your satisfaction. Once we’ve agreed on a layout and design, we’ll send you a private link so you can watch the construction. That way, if there are any minor changes to be made at that point, it is a much more efficient way to complete those modifications.

We create sites for you. You are the owner. After your site is deployed, we send you all the files. But we are also here to support you after your site launches.

Our sites are developed to give you optimum control and flexibility. We provide a thorough tutorial so you can do self-maintenance on your own schedule. If you ever need us to do updates for you, either on a one time or recurring basis, we can also do that for a modest per hour fee, it’s always your choice.

Generally, we can get a website launched in 2 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the site, and also how quickly you provide us with items we need to keep on pace to completion.

When your site is completed to your satisfaction, and we are ready to deploy, you pay the final 50% and we launch your site. Some areas will see the site immediately, but it could take up to 24 hours for it to populate all browsers throughout the globe.

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  • Reasonable Costs: Our custom web design and software development services have lower start up cost and start up time demonstrating quality standards. Usually our cost is more reasonable than competitors; this is because we use the latest business tools and techniques.
  • Speedy and Quality Service: Being a customer-friendly firm, we can reduce the time-frame down to 50 % as compared to our competitors to deliver website design and web solutions you desire.
  • Website and Web Application Maintenance: We provide website maintenance services to empower clients to focus entirely on their core business issues. Often, clients need upgrades and modifications in applications that we can happily support.
  • Our Multiple Experts at your Service: Most clients think web designer is just one person. Actually, a good web design company should have multiple experts to deliver you the best possible website. With us you don’t just get a website designer, you get a complete expert team consisting of Project Manager, Web Marketer, Graphic Designer, Programmer and Quality Assurance Analyst.

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